Andover Collection

Built to last, the Andover is ready for home-cooked meals and lively children. Top of the line construction techniques and the best finishes allow this collection to be used and loved for generations.

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Single Pedestal Table

42" Single Pedestal Table shown in oak Solid Top

Double Pedestal Table

48" x 72" Double Pedestal Table shown in oak with optional spindle and railing

Bent Feather Chairs

Bent Feather side chair and arm chair shown in oak ID 130126

Andover Hutch

Andover Hutch shown in oak ID 130128

Andover Corner Hutch

Andover Corner Hutch ID 130129


Chocolate Spice Cherry stain sample

Chocolate Spice Cherry

Chestnut Cherry stain sample

Chestnut Cherry

Boston Cherry stain sample

Boston Cherry

Baywood Cherry stain sample

Baywood Cherry

Acres Cherry stain sample

Acres Cherry

Windsor Cherry stain sample

Windsor Cherry

Washington Cherry stain sample

Washington Cherry

Tawny Cherry stain sample

Tawny Cherry

Sealy Cherry stain sample

Sealy Cherry

Saddle Cherry stain sample

Saddle Cherry

Rich Tobacco Cherry stain sample

Rich Tobacco Cherry

New Carrington Cherry stain sample

New Carrington Cherry

Malaguania Cherry stain sample

Malaguania Cherry

Kona Cherry stain sample

Kona Cherry

Ebony Cherry stain sample

Ebony Cherry

Coffee Cherry stain sample

Coffee Cherry


Dark Knight Maple

Dark Knight Maple


Wheat Oak stain sample

Wheat Oak


Glacier paint sample

Glacier Paint

Metropolitan Paint sample

Metropolitan Paint

Millington Gold paint sample

Millington Gold Paint

Regal Blue paint sample

Regal Blue Paint

Sand Dollar paint sample

Sand Dollar Paint

Sky Grey paint sample

Sky Grey Paint

White paint sample

White Paint

Quarter Sawn

Asbury Quarter Sawn stain sample

Asbury Quarter Sawn

Briar Quarter Sawn stain sample

Briar Quarter Sawn

Copper Quarter Sawn stain sample

Copper Quarter Sawn

Dark Knight Quarter Sawn stain sample

Dark Knight Quarter Sawn

Driftwood Quarter Sawn stain sample

Driftwood Quarter Sawn

Golden Brown Quarter Sawn stain sample

Golden Brown Quarter Sawn

Lite Asbury Quarter Sawn stain sample

Lite Asbury Quarter Sawn

Michaels Quarter Sawn stain sample

Michaels Quarter Sawn

Onyx Quarter Sawn stain sample

Onyx Quarter Sawn

Smokehouse Quarter Sawn stain sample

Smokehouse Quarter Sawn

Storm Grey Quarter Sawn stain sample

Storm Grey Quarter Sawn


Acorn Hickory Special stain sample

Acorn Hickory

Aloe Brush Cocoa Glaze stain sample

Aloe Brush Cocoa Glaze

Apaloosa Special stain sample


Black Rub Through Warm Brown Glaze stain sample

Black Rub Through Warm Brown Glaze

Boardwalk Portabella Glaze stain sample

Boardwalk Portabella Glaze

Chelsea Gray Portabella Glaze stain sample

Chelsea Gray Portabella Glaze

Chesapeake Quarter Sawn stain sample

Chesapeake Quarter Sawn

Georgian Early Wheat Glaze 10 Sheen stain sample

Georgian Early Wheat Glaze – 10 Sheen

Linen Brushed Brown Maple stain sample

Linen Brushed Brown Maple

Malguan DVB Glaze Cherry Distress stain sample

Malguan DVB Glaze – Cherry Distress

New Carrington Elm Special stain sample

New Carrington Elm

New Carr Portabella Cherry Distress stain sample

New Carr Portabella Cherry Distress

Pearl Early Wheat Glaze stain sample

Pearl Early Wheat Glaze

Tavern Walnut stain sample

Tavern Walnut

White Warm Brown Glaze stain sample

White Warm Brown Glaze

Windswept Quarter Sawn stain sample

Windswept Quarter Sawn