Thanks for taking a moment to realize the difference in handcrafted, solid wood furniture.

Construction Joinery
Mortise & Tenon

Mortise and tenon joints will provide structural stability for years to come.

Construction Dovetail
Dovetailed Drawers

The classic technique of dovetailing all four corners of the drawer ensures the strongest joint possible.

Construction Screwed
Cabinet Backs Screwed

Flush mounted wood cabinet backs are fastened by screws.

Construction Braces
Table Corner Braces

Leg tables have interlocking corner blocks fastened by screws. This gives a significant amount of added durability.

Construction Edges
Sealed Table Edges

Table edges are sealed with a special sealer to keep the joints on the table top fitting tightly.

Construction Varnish
Catalyzed Varnish

Our 7 step catalyzed varnish finishes are the toughest and most durable finishes available in the industry today. For more information about our quality finishes view the Varnish Performance Specifications.